Olsen Pavingstone, the local manufacture of California’s finest interlocking concrete paving stones and permeable pavers for LEED projects in AZ, CA, and NV. We manufacture over 30 shapes and 30 color variations. We also manufacture: 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, and 100mm paving stones. Slab Stones are another option for all of your different needs.

Olsen Pavingstone, Inc. (Olsen) has a Team of fine professionals whom are eager to serve you and specialize in commercial as well as residential projects whether it is pavers as a flexible pavement, or a roof deck/overlay. Any Olsen team member would be happy to assist you or your patrons with the materials needed to complete all of your current and upcoming projects, we may be able to offer you an equal product at a better price while providing you with Value Engineering numbers.

Olsen Pavingstone, Inc. has conducted Albedo (SRI) tests on all of our colors, and is able to supply test data for your LEED projects, especially when applying for Heat Island Effect points. In addition, Olsen reuses approximately 1% of our recycled waste and/or damaged materials in our new production. Nevertheless we could also manufacture a heavy recycled material paver upon request. Paving stones have many advantages over traditional concrete, including environmentally safe alternatives for excess rain water systems (storm water runoff systems/permeable pavers). Paving stones accent any driveway, amusement park, golf course, mall, commercial facility, and/or court yard with unique beauty, elegance, and functionality.

Here at Olsen Pavingstone, Inc. we pride ourselves in not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to a prosperous business relationship in the future.

Environmental Green Letter

Albedo Testing

Permeable Pavers/Storm Water Runoff Systems